Friday, 28 August 2009

Names #3

Naomi has always been pleased that her namesake takes a prominent part in the book of Ruth. Typically of scriptural Hebrew names, there is symbolic meaning - in this case 'pleasant'. After a multiple bereavement however, the character does ask for her name to be changed to Mara which means bitterness.
We've often played the game of spelling our names backwards and I-moan is not really appropriate for the least likely to whinge in the family! She does however demand that her name is pronounced "Nay-oh-mee" and not, as occasionally seems to be the case in Peterborough, "Nye-oh-mee". If I remember correctly from my Hebrew classes (something that rarely happens, I fear!) scholars believe that there should actually be a glottal stop between the 'a' and the 'o', but that is getting rather technical. Our Naomi will also respond to Nay-Nay or Nim.
For this second child, we happened to chose double Hebrew, with Sarah as a middle name. This reminds me of a reflective sermon I preached back in the spring about covenant people and how Abram & Sarai became Abraham and Sarah - more symbolic significance, Sarah meaning princess. On that Sunday in March, I linked in the people I met on my Ferry Meadows bike ride, including the staff of the cafe, whose blog first got me interested in such things - one of Naomi's student ballet teachers has had a holiday job there this summer - connections all over the place!

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