Sunday, 22 November 2009

Facebook Prayers

Alongside the terrible weather in Cumbria, South East Scotland hasn't escaped this last week or so - This was taken on Friday 20th November, the day after the collapse of the bridge which leads to neighbours' properties who live across the river from my sister in Selkirkshire.
They are now marooned without access to their homes except by 4x4 over the fields, but I think they avoided being flooded on account of being a few feet higher above the river. My sister's family were not so lucky; the waters rose and despite valiant sandbagging, flooded the ground floor of their house "over their wellies". The water table rose until it seeped in through the floors. Thankfully, after much furniture shifting, they managed to save as much as was reasonable, and things are starting to be dried out with good support from the insurers.
Thanks to many local friends with offers of practical help, my mum for taking care of the kids and a lot of hard work, hopefully it won't be too long before they're back to normal. Facebook ensured that members of the congregation here in Peterborough and many local friends of ours were also thinking of them; saying prayers and/or sending positive vibes their way.
Several people had crossed the Yarrow River on Thursday in the hours and minutes before this bridge was lost. It could so easily have been a tragic story. Our thoughts are also with the family of Pc Bill Barker, who died in Cumbria last week, saving people from venturing out onto Northside Bridge in Workington which was subsequently swept away.

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