Friday, 30 September 2016

A New Harvest Hymn

It's already been a privilege to work with another student colleague, Nick Jones, who started here in the North Staffordshire Group in September. With a number of Harvest Festivals on the preaching plan, we decided to collaborate on some new words to explore the concept of Jesus as the Bread of Life. The hymn fits to the tune Wir pflügen, so you can maintain a harvest tradition at the same time as exploring this theme. Here are the results. Please feel free to use the hymn on a non-commercial basis, but let us know when you do in the comments.Thanks.

Christ fed five thousand people
and yet they wanted more;
the loaves and fish were passed around
a miracle they saw.
It would take six months’ wages
to feed the multitude;
Jesus broke loaves and fishes
a mighty feast ensued!
Food will always perish”
Jesus our Saviour said;
your spirit needs to feed on me -
the Living Bread!”
The people followed Jesus
in boats across the lake.
He told them they’d believed him
for bread, not for his sake.
“We need a sign” the crowd said
despite all that they saw.
The bread of life from heaven
that lasts for evermore.

Nick Jones and David Miller © 2016 The-Millery
tune: Wir pflügen

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