Monday, 3 August 2009

Blah blah blah

Thanks to Beth for the lovely picture of me at work the other Sunday! As I said yesterday while embarrassing her (with permission) by posting this on powerpoint for everyone to admire, if you want less "Blah Blah", you lot need to do more work yourselves - hence the interactive style of yesterdays "sermon" which appeared to go well - at least many people wished me a nice holiday, so they're not upset to the point of not talking to me anymore!
Soooo, the Bread of Life - wonderful theme for worship, so many opportunities to eat. Got to church at 7.30 with a bread maker full of ingredients and plugged it in behind the communion table. By 10.30 it was nearly done and the early birds were curious about the lovely smell - objective one achieved. We decided to stick to our usual ready cut cubes for communion due to the swine flu advice - common cup not an issue for us with the little glasses though. So the loaf was served at coffee time with butter in a kind of help yourself way. Having been tortured by the smell for an hour or so, people must have been hungry and it disappeared pretty quickly.
The "preaching" went well as far as I can tell - certainly the results on the cards were very good. I'd asked people to reflect upon what it meant for them that Jesus described himself as the Bread of Life, while we listened to a piece of music. Now all I have to do is put them together into a display for folk to look at next week. John 6: 35 btw.
Off on holiday soon!

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