Monday, 3 August 2009

I've gone all LED

A new connection through ebay and now the ol' ZR is sporting some trendy rear clusters. Thanks to Arron, somewhere near Derby, the virtual car boot sale that is ebay and the efficiency of PayPal and the post office, my purchase was almost as quick as going down to the accessory shop and buying these off the shelf.
If the apostle Paul et al would have been amazed by e-mail, just think what e-commerce could have done for the collections he advocated for the Jerusalem church! It would have saved all that lugging coinage around.
I've just discovered a fascinating and useful blog whilst googling - Here is a wonderful in depth essay on the subject. I can't add any more, but there's a fairly random link - Arron the car customiser to Sam the theologian; Derby to Bristol via Peterborough - thanks guys.

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